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Wines from france in elegant, unbreakable and eco-friendly packaging

PHILOSOPHY The go anywhere eco-friendly french wines

French Pool Toy team wanted to offer affordable quality wines in packaging that was light weight, unbreakable, resealable and environmentally friendly, catering to the needs of the new active wine consumer.

A tasty, easy to drink rosé and white wine in 100% recyclable PET plastic with an oxygen barrier to protect wine was the answer. French Pool Toy was born….

Both wines are sourced from classic grape varietals from the south of France. PET plastic bottles have less then half the “Carbon Footprint” of glass bottles leading to a lower “Global warming index”.

Indeed, when managed correctly, 100% recyclable PET actually comes out ahead of glass in environmental impact studies stated. Using less energy to produce, transport and recycle PET allows everyone to move closer to their carbon zero goals.

100% recyclable

With French Pool Toy wines, enjoy the inside, recycle the outside and become an eco-citizen of the world !



Once Upon a time

Maurice, a Franco-American sailor, was enjoying a sail with friends and toasting the sunset with a bottle of Rosé that was knocked over and crashed to the deck, cutting Maurice’s foot. The fun was over and the evening ended. That’s how ideas started to come into his head…how heavy, bulky and dangerous glass bottles are on a boat. Why not put a good quality wine in a high grade unbreakable bottle? It would be perfect not only for boats but beaches, pools, concerts and anywhere glass would be a problem.

French Pool toy was born

Maurice envisioned a wine build around his fond memories of the Mediterranean, azur waters, flamingos and delicious rosés. With the help of two young French friends, he toiled in uncharted waters researching, designing and tasting. In the end, the first vintage of Pool Toy was produced.

Easy-drinking vegan wines made from the most beautiful terroir, with classical varietals, from the South of France. The perfect refreshers anytime, anywhere.

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